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Creating Jobs in the Community

After a successful year of trading, whilst battling through the poor weather conditions, demand for our products and services persisted strong and Gelato Italia are steadily growing.

With a commitment to growing our operations and produce quality Gelato, this year we have created a further two positions in our company and welcome two new workers to our gelato family. 

Although Gelato Italia tries to create a relaxed working environment, we take our selection for employment and training serious, and employees are always assessed based of aptitude and ability.

Linda Clarke has joined us after working with children at a local school. With previous experience in the food handling business, and great attention for detail, Linda will always make sure that our stock rotation and stock levels are adequately monitored. Linda has also been trained and familiarised with all our ingredients and can happily manufacture a batch of Gelato on her own. Her presence in our family is much appreciated.

Neil Wittridge has recently joined us with an extensive history in the Ice cream industry. Neil manufactured ice cream for over 25 years, and is capable; to say the least, in reliably manufacturing and packaging every batch of Gelato ice cream consistently to perfection. His experience and knowledge has been an asset to our workforce, an eye to detail means our quality is always consistent.

Gelato Italia are consistently looking for hardworking employees with the correct skills, and passion for the catering industry. If you are interested in joining Gelato Italia, then please contact us to discuss any possible positions. 



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