National Ice Cream Day 2012

National Ice Cream Day was established in 1984 by President Reagan. Although it’s a very American Tradition, it has gradually gained popularity here in the UK, and different parts of the world.

Every year Gelato Italia supports National Ice cream day, and this year we decided to offer a FREE Gelato taste day to everyone. We found it a great enjoyment for over 200 People to turn up at one of our Gelato Ice cream Parlours, in which everyone had a chance to taste our different flavours on offer, with our display cabinet presenting over 30 flavours on the day.

In another way to mark the occasion, Gelato Italia, teamed up with the Evening Echo and other local businesses, to set up 3 different competitions on the day, for different age groups to win some great prizes. Please visit our facebook page for photos.

The three competitions and prizes where:

Competition1: How Many Bubblegum balls in the Jar.  Prize Ages 3-1 Win a Freezer Full of Gelato.

Competition2: Who can blow up a ballon, like a bubblegum explosion - in the quickest time?  Prize Ages 11-18 Win All you can eat Gelato for You and 4 friends. 

Competition3: Guess the Fat content in Gelato, compared to Ice Cream. Prize 18+ Win Dinner for two People at an exclusive Southend restaurant.

For more information on future events, please check our facebook page, and keep an eye on our website.

We have also realised that allot of customers are fascinated by the way local producers manufacture their food in their local premises, and it’s also a great feeling for us to watch the gelato makers mix ingredients into the ice cream, while watching them make the different flavours and recipes.

Therefore here at Gelato Italia we have launched Our Gelato School, as well as our Online Manufacturing Process, which gives people the opportunity to understand the diffrence between gelato and Ice cream, and also show them round a modern factory unit, where their local products are manufactured.



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