Whitby Morrison ice cream van 

With London increasing its emissions standards, and event organisers requesting low emission vehicles, Gelato Italia have been seeking to keep up with their carbon footprint by investing in new Ice Cream vans to meet the new Euro 4 regulations governing the emissions for particulate matter. Although this is a costly investment, with new vans having a price tag of over £50,000 it is a worthwhile investment for our companies’ sustainability goals in the industry.


Whitby Morrison manufacturer of Ice cream Van based in Crewe, are the premium supplier of ice cream vans to the ice cream industry all over the world. There are a number of different bodies to choose from that can be fitted to a standard OEM commercial vehicle. As Gelato Italia have a good working relationship with Ford Motor Company, Based in Essex, Gelato Italia have chosen Ford’s Transit commercial Vehicle, as the preferred vehicle for new Ice cream vans. Ice cream vans can be ordered in a number of different shapes, colours and designs, but to maintain Gelato Italia’s traditional and clean company image, all our vans are of a simple and clean design.


There are a number of aftermarket filters that can be fitted to your current ice cream van to make the van meet the legal limits of particulate matter, but there are documented side effects to these costly modifications. 


There are also alternatives to pay an increased daily rate if you are in the emission zone, but this seems to go against our companies environmental policies, of reducing and preventing of harmful emissions. 




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