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With over 20 years’ experience in organising Ice cream vans for events, we are very passionate about our business, and feel sometimes event’s organisers are generally not up to date with the current rules and regulation changes that have developed over the years, and what to look for when dealing with ice cream vans. We have therefore put together some key pointers to assist you in choosing mobile operators for your event.


How can I make sure I have booked a responsible Ice cream Van operator?

Most Ice cream firms hire van drivers that are operated on a freelance basis, putting the responsibility onto the event organiser. To ensure a fully compliant operator and van, all of the documentation mentioned below should be produced by any freelance driver directly.  


How do I know if I am getting a fair donation from my operator?

As owner operators, we are confident the final donation we make as a company, is always higher than any freelance driver or competitor, and this is one of the main reasons why we have repeat custom on all our events each year. As you can appreciate, any freelance ice cream van driver can offer a (%) Percentage of their takings, but to put this into context for your comparison, it is essential to compare the final figure donated. We can also offer an upfront fee as we are confident to take the risk with many events.


Why are some Ice cream vans very clean and presentable inside and outside, whilst others are not?

Many operators use old Ice cream vans, which are not maintained. If you can ask for pictures of the specific van attending your event, this will give you a good indication of how presentable the van is attending the event compared to our Ice cream vans.


I am organising an event and wanted to make sure that the Ice Cream Van holds the correct level of health and safety certificates?

All our operators are trained to Level 2 health and safety, which indicates that an operator is not only health and safety compliant but also knows how to handle Ice cream products to a certified standard. Most other operators have a level 1 certificate which is not sufficient to handle fresh ice cream.



What is HACCP Plan for Mobile Food operated Business?

All ice cream vans should produce a HACCP Plan where requested. The HACCP plan "Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points" will indicate the correct level of food handling for mobile operators, and indicate the hygiene standards that the operator has.


I am organising an event and wanted to ensure the operator has the correct Insurance certificates?

We always try to prevent against unforeseen circumstances in any case. Our Ice Cream van have both Public and Products Liability Insurance and are uniquely designed for up to five Million pounds liability, to cater for all major events when hiring Ice Cream vans. Many operators try to get away with as little insurance as possible, leaving the liability with the event organisers. 5 Million Product and 5 Million Public liability is the minimal for public events


I am organising an event with children can I do anything to make sure we have a responsible operator?

You can ask your operator to produce Criminal Records Bureau checks to work with children, this will reassure your liability of external contractors working in the vicinity of children on your site at the event.


How can I check if my Ice cream Van I am hiring is correctly insured?

All our Ice Cream Vans are insured as “Mobile Catering vans”. Most Ice cream companies insure their “Mobile catering van” as a standard “commercial van” as the insurance premium is significantly less. In the event of any accident insurance companies try to avoid liability which will hold event organisers responsible. You can ask the operator to produce a “Mobile Catering vans” certificate. This will ensure your liability.  


How can I check if the ice cream van I am hiring is registered with the council?

All our Ice cream vans are registered with Southend-on-Sea Borough council, and can be checked by calling the council to ask them, or we can produce our registration certificates. You can ask your operator to produce these certificates; this will ensure the Ice Cream van is a registered business with their respective local authority.

How can I check what products my ice cream van will sell at my event?

All our vans stock the largest range of products to cater for all events including flavoured scoop ice cream as well as soft Ice cream from the machine. You will normally find that old vans do not cater for the taste buds of children attending the events and generally only serve scoop ice cream. These vans cannot cope with larger events due to the time it takes to serve these ice creams, causing long frustrating queues for those trying to enjoy the event. To arrange a pre event taste testing of all our products prior to booking an event, please “contact us” and we will arrange this.


Should our operator produce a risk Assessment?

Yes, we provide all the necessary documentation possible to help you create a healthy and safe event from all aspects possible. One essential step to achieve this is to carry out and provide a written Risk Assessment where required. The purpose of a Risk Assessment is to identify all hazards, assess the risks which may arise from those hazards and decide on suitable measures to eliminate or control the risks.


How do I know that my ice cream operator is operating legally?

You can ask your operator to provide a copy of the company certificate and VAT registration. This will ensure the company is genuinely, and legally operated, and a registered business with the Revenue. 


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