Ice Cream Van Peace of mind

Gelato Italia will ensure that all events held on the clients property or premises meet and/or exceed the legally expected levels of event health and safety and will assist organisers with their responsibilities to look after the public when hiring ice cream vans.

Ice Cream Public and Products liability Insurance

Although our Ice Cream products and services are of the highest quality and standards, we take our highest precaution to prevent against unforeseen circumstances in any case.  Our Ice Cream van Public and Products Liability Insurance are uniquely designed for up to five Million pounds liability, to cater for all major events when hiring Ice Cream vans. For a copy of our Ice Cream Van Insurance policy, please “contact us”.

Legislative Hygiene Certificates for Ice Cream Vans

The food hygiene scheme helps you choose a responsible Ice cream van operator by giving you information about the hygiene standards. All our Ice Cream van operators are trained in food hygiene matters to “level 2” certification. For a copy of our Ice Cream Van Hygiene certificate please “contact us”.

Ice cream vans Registered with borough councils

All Catering units and Ice Cream vans are required by law to be registered with their local authority. Registration allows local authorities to keep an up-to-date list of all operators so they can visit and check the operators when they need to. All our mobile Ice cream units are registered with Southend-on sea borough council. For a copy of our registration certificate please “contact us”.

Ice Cream Van Risk assessments

We provide all the necessary documentation possible to help you create a healthy and safe event from all aspects possible.

We want everyone who attends your event to go home happy and healthy.

One essential step to achieve this is to carry out and provide a written Risk Assessment where required. The purpose of a Risk Assessment is to identify all hazards, assess the risks which may arise from those hazards and decide on suitable measures to eliminate or control the risks. 

For further information on our event Risk Assessments for Ice cream vans please “contact us”


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