Gelato Italia’s fresh homemade Signature Sorbetti are traditionally prepared in the same way as our gelato, using the finest ingredients, including natural sugars and fruit fibres.

Elegantly simple, our sorbetto is a non-fat option, not containing any milk or cream, which is refreshing and healthier.

To create our unique elastic texture, our sorbetto is churned at slower speeds so that it incorporates less air. As there is not as much air content in our sorbetto it allows the flavours to be intense, and the consistency to have a smooth and soft feel.

Our chefs can create the most authentic flavours, which are mouth-watering, to produce a true taste of Southern Italy.

Available for Ice Cream Parlours & Wholesale

Award Winning Artisan Gelato, Sorbetto & Frozen Yoghurt

Available in wholesale & catering tubs

Nationwide wholesale delivery available