Frozen Yoghurt

Frozen Yoghurt has become very popular in the UK and all over the world. Our frozen yoghurt is light, easy do digest, fresh and nourishing.

From Gelato Italia’s experienced chefs, a complete line of frozen yoghurt flavours has been created with our frozen yoghurt mix, to work in any standard ice cream machine. Our yoghurt mix is stored frozen for ease of use.

If you are considering to open a yoghurt shop or implement frozen yogurt as an additional product, then please contact us to ask for assistance.

Our low fat frozen yoghurt can be made into a number of different flavours, and complimented with daily fresh cut fruit, dry toppings or syrups, to offer an irresistibly healthy frozen option. The choice and creativity is limited only by the hands and the imagination of the customer.

Available for Ice Cream Parlours & Wholesale

Award Winning Artisan Gelato, Sorbetto & Frozen Yoghurt

Available in wholesale & catering tubs

Nationwide wholesale delivery available