Smoothies & Frappe’s

Gelato Italia’s Range of Yogita is a great base ingredient for fruit smoothie’s and frappẻs, giving a smooth texture and fresh taste, prepared with our fat-free frozen yogurt base. The blend of our specially formulated yogurt base enhances the taste of any flavour of your choice.

Our Italian Caffẻ frappẻ is a smooth blend of espresso with a creamy rich taste as a refreshing delight. You won’t believe its low fat and contains no hydrogenated fats, which has been specifically designed free of artificial colours.

Yogita smoothiẻ and frappẻ base is ideal for consumers looking for a better-for-you treat, and a smarter indulgence for today’s health-conscious consumer.

If you are considering to open a Smoothie bar or just looking to implement frappẻ or smoothies as an additional product in your coffee shop or bar, then please contact us to ask for assistance.

Available for Ice Cream Parlours & Wholesale

Award Winning Artisan Gelato, Sorbetto & Frozen Yoghurt

Available in wholesale & catering tubs

Nationwide wholesale delivery available