Where less is good


Air content is one of the most important Ingredients to Gelato that is often misunderstood. Gelato has a distinguished smooth, dense and milky taste as it contains less Air than Ice cream. This is achieved using a specific Gelato Machine, which is churned at a slower speed than ice cream. The consistent air content is what gives our gelato great structure and scoopability.

Less Fat content is what makes Gelato taste better, and is also healthier. Gelato Italia’s Range doesn’t coat the palate of your mouth or leave a fatty after taste, so the flavours are more light and satisfying.

Our Gelato is created using a well-balanced recipe made with more milk and water with just a dash of cream. With the distinct difference of a smooth and soft texture, and the richer taste in flavours, this gives you the experience of a delicious Italian Gelato. 


A frozen dessert made from sweetened water flavoured with fruit puree, juice or liqueur depending on what flavour you choose. 

Whereas ice cream is based on dairy products with air copiously whipped in, sorbet has neither, which makes for a dense and extremely flavourful product. Sorbet is served as a non-fat alternative to gelato.

Our fresh homemade Sorbetto is traditionally prepared in the same way as our gelato, using the finest ingredients, including natural sugars and fruit fibres which gives our sorbetto great structure and scoopability. 

Elegantly simple, not containing any milk or cream, which is refreshing and even healthier.

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